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Supplement Menu Item to Up-Charge
Supplement Menu Item to Up-Charge

Add Items that have an added cost to Up-Charge within a Fixed Price Menu

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Watch the short tutorial on adding Supplements:

Adding an Up-Charge is a great way to keep Fixed Price Menus simple and unified whilst accounting for the differences that can occur in ingredient costs and quality.

If you offer various Item choices within one menu, such as multiple entrees or sides to choose from, a Supplement cost helps account for those price differences without needing to create a completely new Menu.

In Spoonfed, an Up-Charge or Up-Sell Item is called a Supplement. Supplements can only be added to Fixed Price Menus. This is because A La Carte Menu Items already have their own individual prices per Item.

Another way to add up-charges to a Fixed Price Menu is to place an A La Carte Menu within the Fixed Price Menu. This is called an Extras Section. To learn more about how to use Extras Sections, Click Here.

Find out if you should add an Extras Section or Supplement Items Here.

Add a Supplement Menu Item in Back Office

To add a Supplement in the Back Office, go to the Menu Module. Search for and click Edit on the Menu you need to add the Supplement to.

  1. Go to the Items Tab.

  2. Add Menu Items as you would for any other Menu.

  3. If the Menu is already created, click to expand the Section that you need to add a Supplement to.

  4. In the Supplement Column, add the upcharge amount.

  • If selected, this Supplement cost is added to the total price of the Fixed Price Menu.

  • If you price a Menu per person, the supplement adds cost by how many orders of the Menu were placed.

  • If the Section contains different choices, the Supplement will add to the Menu by how many of that Item choice was selected

    1. For a tick box, this would be evenly divided amongst the choices

    2. If customers choose how much of each Item they want, the Supplement is added by ow many are selected

In this example, the Salad Lunch Menu is priced at $14.00. In the Items Tab, there’s an up-charge of $4 if a Customer selects the Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken.

If we Order one Salad Lunch Menu then choose the Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken, the Total Menu Price will calculate $14.00 + $4 = $18.

If I Order 10 Salad Lunch Menus and Order 5 Caesar Salads and 5 Caesar Salads with Grilled Chicken, the Item Breakdown will show $20 added to the Order to account for the 5 supplement charges. The total Menu will be 10 x $14 + $20 = $160.

How Supplement Appears in an Order

Online Ordering Site

As always when creating Menus, keep the Online Ordering Site open to view how your Menus look from a Customer's perspective. This way, you know if you entered the Items correctly to create a smooth checkout process.

The Order Summary shows a price breakdown with the original price plus the Supplement price. The total is these two added together.

An Orders Summary Page on the Online Ordering Site:

In the Back Office:

That is how to add Item Supplements to a Menu.

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