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Add an Extras Section

Upsell within a Fixed Price Menu by Adding Extras

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Watch the short tutorial below to add an Extras Section:

What is an Extras Section?

  • Fixed Priced Menus are Menus that have one overall price to account for all the Items included in it.

  • A La Carte Menus are Menus in which each Menu Item has its own individual Price.

  • An Extras Section allows you to put an A La Carte Menu into a Fixed Price Menu as its own section. It allows you to add extra Menu Items for an additional cost without making Customers search elsewhere in the Site.

Extras Sections are great ways to upsell Menu Items that otherwise would not be included in the Menu. Examples are:

  • Drinks

  • Desserts

  • Extra Side Items

  • Extra Toppings or Ingredients .

Extras are ordered separate from the Menu quantity selected. If you have 10 Menus ordered, Extras let a Customer pick more or less than the set quantity and portion size.

Other Upsell Options

Supplement Menu Items are similar to Extras, but are dependent on the quantity and portion size of the Menu chosen.

Read more about the differences in Extras Sections and Supplement Items Here.

Modifiers can also include upcharges but are instead a part of the Item they modify. They're best to include upcharge options for one Menu Item rather than the Menu as a whole.

Add an Extras Section

  1. Start at the Menu Module. Find and click Edit on the Menu to add an Extras Section to.

  2. Go to the Items Tab.

  3. Click Add Section.

  4. Name the Section. Click the box on the right that says "This is an Extras Section". This changes the Section to an A La Carte Menu Section.

  5. Click Add Item.

  6. Add the Menu Items. Input the price of each Item under the Supplement Column.

  7. Click Save.

Min and Max Quantity

Under the Min Qty and Max Qty Columns, set minimum or maximum order requirements to limit how much of an Item can be ordered.

You've now set up your Extras Section!

How to Order an Extras Section

Online Ordering Site

On the Online Ordering Site, Extras Sections appear like A La Carte Menu choices. Click the + or - buttons to manually add how many of each Extra you’d like. You can also type the exact number into the center box.

As long as a Minimum or Maximum Order Amount isn't set, a Customer can add as many as or as little of each option they want. The Extras Section is not connected to the Menu Quantity Ordered. The price is added to the Total Menu Price in the Order Summary.

Order Summary

In the Order Summary, an Extra Item looks like this:

After Checkout:

Back Office

When creating an Order in the Back Office, an Extras Section looks like this when selecting a Menu:

Once selected, Extras are listed as their own line items yet still under the the Menu they’re a part of. This also applies to any Reports and Summaries.

That's how to create an Extras Section!

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