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Add New Stores / Locations
Add New Stores / Locations

How to add new stores or locations to your Spoonfed Account.

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Action Time: Less than 30 Minutes

Your business is growing? Great! We're here to assist.

When adding a new Store or Location to your account, first reach out to Spoonfed Support. We'll need the physical address of your new Location, phone number and email address for confirmations. Once added: you can commence with Steps #2-6.

1. Adding New Store (Site)

Use your Live Chat to let Spoonfed know you'll be adding a new Location, we'll need the following information:

  • Your Store/Location Name

  • Your Store/Location Address

  • Your Store/Location Time Zone

  • Your Store/Location Email Address

  • Your Store/Location Phone Number

3. Add New Tax Rate (if applicable)

4. Adding New Open Hours

6. Turn on Pick-Up

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