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Data Import to Upload Customers
Data Import to Upload Customers

Import data from an external file to upload Customer and Contact Profiles

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Data Import allows Spoonfed employees to upload Customer and Contact Profiles from a .csv or .xlsx data file. You can also download an excel file that contains information about all the Customers and Contacts saved in the Back Office.

Go to Setup > Organization > Data Import.

Download Customer and Contact Data

Click 'Download Customer/Contact Template' to download an excel file containing all Customer or Contact data stored in the system.

Upload Customer and Contact Data

  1. Click 'Choose File' to select the file with the excel sheet of Customer or Contact info you need to add.

  2. Once selected, click 'Upload Customer/Contact Data File' to upload Customers or Contacts.

  3. Once uploaded, the information and profiles can be found in the Customer Module.

To learn the difference between a Customer and a Contact, Click Here.

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