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Nominal Codes

Organize Items to be easily accountable in reporting

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Do I Need Nominal Codes?

When adding Nominal Codes to your account, first reach out to Spoonfed Support. We'll talk you through the use of this feature then activate and set it up for you.

Nominal Codes are a great way to account for different types of Sale Items but are only useful if you have a Custom Report to view them with. Only read on if you've already talked about Nominal Codes with a Spoonfed Customer Success Partner or Account Manager.

Once added, you can keep following the below steps.

Try Using Item Types First

If Nominal Codes are not useful to your account, adding and using Item Types to group like Items might be what you're looking for.

Turn On Nominal Codes

  1. Go to Setup > Organization > Invoicing.

  2. Scroll down to the section labeled 'Nominal Codes.'

  3. Check the box, 'Use Nominal Codes for Sale Items.'

  4. Add a Delivery, Gratuity or Discount Nominal Code using the sequential drop downs.

  5. Once activated, click Save.

Create New Nominal Code

  1. Go to Setup > Organization > Nominal Codes.

  2. In Add Code, type the Code Name into the box.

    1. ex: Baked Goods or Alcohol

  3. Click Add Code.

  4. The Nominal Code shows up below. Keep adding more Nominal Codes till all the codes are entered.

Add Nominal Code to a Menu

There are a few different ways to add Nominal Codes to Menus

Apply Nominal Code to all Fixed Price Menus at Once

  1. In the Nominal Codes, click Apply to Menus near a given code.

  2. Click Yes in the pop-up to add the Nominal Code to all Fixed Price Menus currently entered.

  3. Click Set to Default to auto-apply this Nominal Code to any other Menus made in the future.

Apply Nominal Code to Individual Menus and Menu Items

  1. Go to the Menu Module.

  2. Find the Menu and click Edit.

  3. Find the drop down box labeled 'Nominal Code.'

  4. Choose the Nominal Code to assign to the Menu.

  5. Click Save.

Apply Nominal Code to a Charge

  1. Go to Setup > Features > Charges.

  2. Click to Edit the Charge.

  3. Find the drop down box labeled 'Nominal Code.'

  4. Choose the Nominal Code to assign to the Charge.

  5. Click Save.

That's how to assign Nominal Codes to Menus and other Sale Items like Charges, Delivery Zones, and Gratuity. Once every Item is assigned a Nominal Code, you can use the Custom Report to find sales related to Items within each Nominal Code. This can make accounting for specific Items easier when tracking specific sales.

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