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What Does Location Mean When I Add an Order?
What Does Location Mean When I Add an Order?
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Location and Site

The names Location and Site are often used interchangeably on Spoonfed. Depending on if you're account is set up as a Retail or Independent Restaurant, or as a Food Service Management, the meaning or Institution can mean one of the following:

Retail or Independent

The Location indicates from which store a customer orders. It's where they pick up an Order. An account can have multiple locations set up under one Spoonfed account. This allows you to manage all restaurants and orders under one account.

Food Service Management or Institution

For FSMs and Institutions, a Location can mean different locations for the same business. It can also indicate different types of catering offered. An example is Events, Executive, etc.

These are common for catering to university campuses and business headquarters.

To learn about Multi-Site Setup, Click Here.

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