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Calorie Labelling Legislation - England

The UK government has introduced legislation to implement mandatory calorie labelling among food businesses (with 250 or more employees)

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In 2022, the UK Government mandated that large hospitality businesses are required to display calorie labelling information on menus and food labels.

Regulations were laid out in Parliament that mandate all businesses in the out-of-home sector (cafes, restaurants, takeaways) within England and more than 250 employees must list calorie counts on non-prepacked food and soft drinks. It's required that all calorie information is displayed at the "point of choice" for the customer, such as physical and online menus/delivery platforms.

What Do You Need To Do?

Businesses selling food in scope of the Regulations must:

  • Display the energy content of the food in kilocalories (kcal)

  • Reference the size of the portion to which the calorie information relates

  • Display the statement that ‘adults need around 2000 kcal a day’ (for the purposes of this guidance, this statement will be referred to as the ‘statement of daily calorie needs’)

How Does Spoonfed Help?

  1. Spoonfed's 'Calorie' feature allows you to add 'kcal' details onto Fixed Price Menus and Individual Items.

  2. Read more about Adding Calories Here.

  3. Read more about adding Allergens and Dietary Labels in compliance with Natasha's Law Here.

  4. For labeling the calories in the 'Suffix' Text Box, you might write "Adults need around 2000 kcal a day."​

Kafoodle Integration

Spoonfed is also integrated with Kafoodle which is a solution for calorie labelling, allergen, recipe management and more. For further details about Kafoodle, click here.

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