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Manage and Add a Delivery Schedule
Manage and Add a Delivery Schedule

Plan your deliveries and print the details. Allocate different orders to different delivery people or drivers.

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The Delivery Module can help you manage Orders set for Delivery and assign specific drivers. By creating a Delivery Schedule, you can know who's in charge of delivering food and print delivery notes for Customers to view and sign.

View Delivery Schedule

  1. In Spoonfed Back Office, select the Delivery Module.

  2. Select a Delivery Date by which to see all Delivery Orders scheduled for that day.

  3. Click View.

  4. To see Today's Delivery Schedule, click 'Today' near the View button.

  5. Click 'Next Working Day' to see the following day's schedule.

Assign Drivers and Times

  1. Once you pull the Orders for a given day, all Orders not yet assigned to a Delivery Driver appear under Unassigned Orders.

  2. In the Driver column, select the Driver you want to assign to each Order by clicking the box labeled 'Please Select Driver'.

    1. In the drop-down, select the Driver to deliver that Order.

  3. If the Order is being delivered at a different time than what's listed, change this in the Actual Time column.

  4. Click 'Assign to Drivers.' The Delivery Schedule will show up in Driver Schedule for the date selected. Click

  5. Update Schedule to save any changes made to the Schedule.

Delivery Note Reporting

Delivery Assignments

Click Delivery Assignments to download a pdf of the Delivery Schedule for the Driver to reference.

Delivery Notes

Click 'Delivery Notes' to download a pdf of the Order Details and Item Details that a Customer can review and sign upon delivery.

By default, Order Price won't show up on Delivery Notes. If you want to show the price of each menu in the Delivery Notes, go to Setup > Features > Delivery Note Pricing.

Additional Information

  • To view any specific Order Details, click the Order Number under the Order column.

  • Click the Delivery Location listed to see it on Google Maps and get directions.

  • Unassign any drivers from an Order Delivery by checking the Unassign Box near that Order.

That's how you make a Delivery Schedule!

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