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DoorDash Drive Setup
DoorDash Drive Setup

Set up your Spoonfed account to output Order data for delivery logistics with DoorDash

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To set up an integration with DoorDash go to Setup > Features > Delivery Service.

Click Enable Delivery Service. This will enable DoorDash Drive and allow you to customize the feature.

If you have Multiple Sites, click Edit near a Location name to customize the integration.

Click the DoorDash button to enable DoorDash integration with that site. Enter the Business Name API in the Business Name Box to link your account with Spoonfed.

Set DoorDash Delivery as Default

To make DoorDash delivery the default delivery method, click 'Set Delivery Service as Default.' This will set DoorDash as the primary choice of delivery within the Delivery Module.

With a Multi-Site Setup, you can set up a DoorDash integration with some locations and not others.

Note that even when DoorDash is the default delivery method, you can still select other drivers within the Delivery module.

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