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Change the Email Display Name
Change the Email Display Name

Customize how an Email is viewed from the Customer's point of view

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If your emails are sent from our own email domain address, [] the default Email Display Name is ‘customer.mail’. 

To change the Email Display Name to your company name rather than the default:

  1. Go to Setup > Organization > Account.

  2. Find 'Email Display Name'.

  3. Type the name you want to appear on future Emails.

  4. Click Save Account.

The Custom Email Display Name shows up like this:

While the Default Display Name show up like this:

Multiple Sites

If you have Multiple Sites, the an Email Display Name saved to the Multi-Site overrides the original Display Name. This is useful if your different Sites or Locations are generally unconnected and you want Customers to associate the email with a specific Site or Location.

  1. Check or set a Custom Email Display Name in Setup > Organization > Multiple Sites.

  2. Scroll to the bottom.

  3. Find the Email Display Name box.

  4. Click Save if you entered an email Display Name to override the original.

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