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'Top Menus' Report

Discover which menus are selling well, which aren't, and how much revenue they each bring in

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The Top Menus Report exports an Excel spreadsheet that shows the most popular Menus that Customers Order from within a given time period.

Why Is It Useful?

This Report is useful because it allows you to track top best selling Menus, providing insight into which Items to keep producing, and which ones might be changed or discontinued. You can also use the Report to calculate the percentage of Sales one Top Menu is making for total Sales.

Since the Report allows you to compare Top Menus for two different Date Ranges, it's helpful to compare how certain Menus sell over different seasons and holidays. You might then use this information to create a successful seasonal menu the following year.

Make the Report

To generate the Report, go to the Reports Module. Click Top Menus.

  1. In the 'No. of Results' box, choose the Top Number of Menus to display. in the 'No. For this example, we're viewing the Default, Top 10 Menus.

  2. Select two Date Ranges to compare. If you only want to see the Top Menus for only one range, select a few days for the second date and ignore it in the Report.

  3. A User can view data for Sites that they have User access to. If you want to see a specific Site or Location, select which one, or else select 'All'.

  4. Click Generate Report.

The report lists the following:

  • Menu Name

  • Total Order Value

  • That Value as a Percentage of the Report

  • Number of Times the Menu has been Ordered 

  • Average Order Value in each Time Period.

The Report shows the results of Date Range 1 above those of Date Range 2.

If your business uses mostly A La Carte Menus, many Item choices within one Fixed Price Menu, or you want to view how well individual food Items sell, the Top Stock Items Report might be more useful.

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