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'Top Customers' Report

Find out who your best customers are and how important they are to your business

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When to Use the Report

The Top Customers report exports an Excel spreadsheet that shows which Customers have ordered the most revenue over two selected periods of time. This Report can be useful to see who your most frequent and top spending Customers are. You can choose to 'reward' them with a Payment Voucher, or send them a note thanking them for their service.

The Report is also useful in helping you to understand the average amount a Customer spends on each Order. You can also compare this to an overall sales Report to see how much total revenue is generated by a select number of Customers.

Since the Report allows us to compare two different time periods, we can also use it to see how Top Customers have changed. If one Customer was ordering a lot and stopped, you might reach out to them to encourage more sales.

Generate the Report

To generate the Report, go to the Reports Module. Click Top Customers.

  1. Choose the top number of Customers you'd like to see. In this example below, we're viewing the Default, Top 10.

  2. Select two Date Ranges to compare. If you only want to see the Top Customers for one specific range, select a few days for the second Date and ignore it in the Report.

  3. A user can view data for Sites that they have User access to. If you want to see a specific Site or Location, select which one, or else select 'All'.

  4. Click Generate Report.

The report lists the following:

  • Customer Name

  • Customer's Total Order Value

  • That Value as a Percentage of the Report

  • Total Orders Made by Customer

  • Average Value of Customer's Orders in Each Time Period.

The Report shows the results of Date Range 1 above those of Date Range 2. You can see these in the two row break.

The Total Data of all the Customers will be shown at the bottom of each Date Range, without a Customer Name.

That is how you generate a Top Customers Report!

If you are a business that tends to group Customers as Departments or Organizations, using the Contacts as individual people, you might find the Top Contact Report more useful.

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