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How Can I Change the Menu Type?
How Can I Change the Menu Type?

Change a Fixed Price Menu to A La Carte, and vice versa

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Unfortunately, Spoonfed does not allow a Menu Type to be changed after it's been created. Once you save a Menu as Fixed Price, it cannot be changed to A La Carte, or vice versa.

This is because Fixed Price and A La Carte Menus are fundamentally different in terms of setup. Because of how this setup is saved in Spoonfed, we can't convert the information from one layout to another.

If you realize that a Fixed Price Menu should be A La Carte, or vice versa, you'll need to create a new Menu. Don't delete the old one yet. The Menu Items will still be saved in the system, which helps with adding the Menu Items to the New Menu. As you type the Menu Items, the options to choose what is already saved will appear in a drop down box below.

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