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Closed Time

Create a block on your calendar to prevent new Customer Orders

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Newly Edited Feature! Updates in February 2024.

Do you love the "Closed Time" feature on the Calendar? Great! It's about to become even more flexible.

Closed Times are now editable by "Order Flow".

Suspended Times keep your Lead Time in place. A Caterer can prevent new Orders from coming on New Years Day, while keeping our Lead Time of 48 hours intact.

Alternatively: Closed Times block new Orders AND also impact your Lead Times. For example, a Catering operation allows 48 hours notice for new orders. If that operation is closed for an additional Holiday like New Years Day, adding a Closed Time/Day stretches my Lead Time to a 72 full hours.

How to use it:

  1. Navigate to the Calendar

  2. Click "Add Closed Time"

  3. Select your Date + Time parameters

  4. You'll see your Closed Time/Day appear on your Back Office Calendar, and immediately block new Customers' orders online as well

Note: Closed Time/Days will not prevent your staff from creating new Back Office orders. Only prevent Customers from creating new Orders during that date/time.

If you have questions about when to use a Closed Time vs. a Suspended Day, please don't hesitate to Chat with our team.

Pro Tip: Spoonfed Team recommends setting all of your "Closed Days" as soon as you know your schedule for the year. For example in a University-setting, you may receive a 2024-2025 school year calendar in March 2024. Log in to Spoonfed and set your Closed Days for all the Holidays in one fell swoop!

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