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What does (H) stand for next to an Order Number?
What does (H) stand for next to an Order Number?

(H) for hot menu items included in order.

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In the Order Module, an (H) next to an Order Number indicates that one or more selected Menu Items need to be delivered or picked up 'Hot'. 

Not every Hot Menu Item needs to or will have the 'Hot' Option selected. Make sure your staff knows which Menu Items must be prepared hot.

Add 'Hot' to Menu Item

  1. Go to the Menu Module. Search for the Menu you want to Edit. Click View/Edit near the given Menu.

  2. Go to the Sections and Items Tab.

  3. Find the Menu Item you want to add to. Under Menu Options, click the 'Select' box.

  4. Check 'Hot'.

5. Click Save Section.

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