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Create a Payment Allocation for an Invoice
Create a Payment Allocation for an Invoice

When a Customer pays, add a Payment Allocation to indicate the amount and how much they still must pay

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Payment Allocations can be added to any Invoice, whether it was a Card Payment or On Account.

An Invoice with Payment Allocations added to it cannot be Voided. To Void the Invoice, the Payment Allocation must first be removed.

Create a Payment Allocation

  1. Start in the Invoice Module. Click the Payment Allocation Page.

  2. Click New Payment.

  3. Add the Customer the Payment Allocation is assigned to. A drop down to select Customers appears as you type the name.

  4. In Details/Ref write the name, reference number, or other identifier for the Payment.

  5. Payment Date is the date the Payment was made.

  6. Payment Amount indicates the dollar amount paid.

  7. Once all the details are entered, click Next.

Allocate Payment to Invoice

  1. On the next page, add the Payment Allocation to an Invoice.

  2. By default, only Invoices made for the Customer the Payment Allocation is from will appear to allocate.

  3. In the Search Box, search for specific Invoices by a date range.

  4. To see Invoices from other Customers, such as if one Customer paid for a different Customer's Order, check the box 'Show All Accounts.'

  5. Once you find the Invoice to allocate the payment to, check the box to add it to the Payment. You can add multiple Invoices to a single Payment Allocation. This is useful if one large payment was made to pay for multiple Invoices or Orders.

  6. The selected Invoices appear under the section 'Payment Allocations.'

  7. If needed, edit the Payment Allocation amount to that Invoice under the Allocation Column. This allows you to control how much money is allocated to each Invoice if multiple are added to the same Payment.

  8. Once the Invoices have been added to the Payment Allocation, click Allocate.


View How Much is Owed on Invoice

Searching for the Invoice, Amount shows the total Amount owed on the Invoice. Payable indicates how much is left to pay. If Payable says $0, nothing is owed on that Invoice.

Read here to Delete a Payment Allocation and remove it from the Invoice.

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