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Search for an Order

Find Orders using the Filters at the top of the page

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To find a specific Order(s), Spoonfed offers a variety of parameters by which to filter the Orders and see only those that fit into the group. This is great for making Reports for only a certain types Orders.

Start in the Order Module.

Filter Options

Order Number

Type an exact Order Number.

Hot/Cold Orders

If an Order was marked to be served Hot or not.

Delivery Date From and To

Search by the date range an Order is set to be delivered or picked up.

Date Created From and To

Search by when the Order was created. This is when the Customer placed the Order or it was made and Confirmed in the Back Office.


Type the Customer's name and a drop down appears to click and only view Orders placed by that Customer.


Search for all the Orders created for one Site/Location.

Site/Location (for Accounts with Multiple Sites)

Filter to only see the Orders made for one Site.

Custom Field Filters

Any Custom Fields you've included for Customers to select at checkout can be filtered to only view Orders with those chosen options.

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