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Search for Payment Allocations
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Learn how to search for different types of Payment Allocations that have been made.

  1. Start in the Invoice Module.

  2. Use the Search Parameters at the top to filter different types of Card Sales.

  3. Click Search.

  4. Any Card Sales Awaiting Invoices that match these search fields will show up below.

Index for Payment Allocation Filters

Payment Date From and To

Search for all Payments created within a specific date range. Dates do not have to be closed.


Include the reference number or details entered in the Payment Allocation to search by.

Invoice No.

Search for the Invoice Number the Payment Allocation is for.


Search Allocations made for a specific single Customer.

Invoice Type

Search only by Payments or Credit Notes.

Include Allocated

Include Payments that have already been allocated to an Invoice in the search.

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