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Search for and Filter for Items in Items Page
Search for and Filter for Items in Items Page

Learn how to find Items in the New Menu Module V2

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Start in the Items Page of the Menu Module.

Search an Item

  1. In the top left corner, type in the Item Name or part of the Item Name.

  2. Click enter on your keyboard.

  3. The results will show below.

Filter Results by How to View Items

  1. Click 'Filter' on the top right corner near the 'Add Item' Button.

  2. A drop down of options to filter by will appear.

  3. Filter by:

    1. Item Type

    2. Item Style

  4. After Filters are chosen, click 'Apply Filters on the right-hand-side.

  5. All Items that fit these filters will show below.

  6. The Filter Type shows up in an Orange Box above the Items. Click the X inside the box to cancel the Filter.

View How Many Items Appear on Page

Under the Items list, click the drop down near 'Show on Page By' to view Items on a page by 25, 50, 100, and 200 Items per page. The default is 25 Items per page.

That's how to search for and filter Items!

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