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Add Price Increase on Menus
Add Price Increase on Menus

Learn how to update prices for inventory changes, inflation, and general pricing changes

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Price updates are a common occurrence within the restaurant and catering industry and Spoonfed makes it easy to accommodate such changes. Follow the steps below to learn how to add price changes within the Spoonfed Menu Module.

  1. Start in at the Menu Page of the Menu Module.

  2. Find the Menu or Menus to update.

  3. Click Edit near the Menu.

  4. Change the Available Till Date to the last day the old Menu Price will be available.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Go back to the Menus.

Update Price on Fixed Price Menu

  1. Click Duplicate on the Menu.

  2. A New Menu with the same data is created.

  3. Change the Code.

    1. In the Code, include an indication that this Menu is for the newly updated price.. A good tell is to update the date the new price becomes available.

  4. Change the Menu Price.

  5. Change the Menu Availability.

    1. Set the Available From Date to be the day after the last day of the old price.

    2. If needed, set an Available Till Date for the Menu to stop being available. Leave this section blank if there is not day for the Menu to stop being available.

  6. Click Save.

The Price Update will apply for any Orders chosen on or after your set Availability Date.

Update Price On A La Carte Menu

  1. Follow the steps to update Price in a Fixed Price Menu. Skip the Price Change Step.

  2. Once Saved and updated, go to the Items Tab of the A La Carte Menu.

  3. Expand the Section with each Item.

  4. In the Price Column, update the price.

  5. Click Save.

Further Information

As long as the current Menus don't need further updates beyond pricing, (ingredients, working hours lead time the same, etc.) no more changes need to be made.

Keep the old Menus, as past orders have these old prices and are needed for accounting and Reports.

That's how to update pricing on menus.

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