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Create Item Choices with Tick-box Selections
Create Item Choices with Tick-box Selections

Learn how to modify Item Selections within one Section

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Watch the short video for a tutorial on using the Tick-Box Selection:

The Tick-Box Feature allows Customers to choose Item choices as bullet points, rather than an exact number selection. This automatically divides the Item choices by number of guests. When not enabled, Customers must manually select how many of each Item they want if an option is available.

The Tick-Box feature is only for the Online Ordering Page. When placing an Order in the Back Office, a user must still manually enter the number of selections per choice.

This feature is only available on Fixed Price Menus.

On the Online Ordering Page, the Tick-Box enabled feature looks like this:

Enable Tick-Box Choice Selection

Follow the steps to activate the Tick-Box feature.

  1. Go to the Menu Module and find the Menu.

  2. Expand the Section with Item Choices.

  3. Check 'Use Tick-Box Selection'

  4. Click Save.

When to Use Tick-Box or Not

When Not to Enable the Tick-Box

When not enabled, if a Customer has a choice of Item selection in a Menu, they must manually enter how many of each choice they want. This is a great choice for individualized Orders, the selections vary by quantity.

For example, in a Hamburger Meal, five people might want the Diet Coke, but only one person wants the Sparkling Water.

When to Enable the Tick-Box

A Tick-Box is useful for large Orders in which the specific quantity of Item selection is not needed. This feature divides the portions evenly, so it saves time from the Customer having to input this themselves.

For example, a Buffet Menu might have several choices of entrees to include in the Buffet. The Customer only needs to choose which entrees they want and assume that the portions will be served evenly. In this case, the Tick-Box Feature is best to enable.

Further Ways to Modify Item Choices in a Section

In the "Restrict No. of Item Selections per Section" box, the number entered is the maximum amount of Item choices a Customer can make. In this example, there might be 5 choices, but only up to 3 can be selected.

When Tick-Box is not Enabled

If not enabled, Customers choose how many Items of each choice they want. Instead of the bullet point selection, they choose an exact number by which to distribute the options.

Tick-Box in the Order Summary

When enabled, the Tick Box auto-divides the Item choices by how many Menus were ordered. If the quantity is an uneven number, it separates the portions accordingly.

Below you can see how this looks on an Order Summary.

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