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Confirm an Order

If an Order is Unconfirmed, learn how to Confirm it or Confirm new changes

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If you as the Caterer create an Order in the Back Office, you'll need to progress it from Unconfirmed to Confirmed. This will "show" your Customer the Order in their Online Profile and if you choose to, also send them an Email Confirmation. Follow the steps below to learn how.

Watch a quick video tutorial below:

  1. Go to the Order Module. Find the Order you want to Confirm.

    1. Click the Drafts Tab to filter and find all the Unconfirmed Orders.

  2. Check the Status of the Order. It will say Unconfirmed.

  3. Click the eye to View/Edit near the Order.

  4. Scroll to the bottom.

  5. Click Confirm Order. If you've recently made edits to an Order that was Confirmed, the button will say "Confirm Changes".

  6. Choose whether or not to send a Payment "receipt" to the Customer's email on file. If you don't want to send and email, click Skip Email. Click Confirm

  7. The Order is now Confirmed!

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