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Event Fields

Customize start times and end times for a catering event

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The Event Fields allows you to add optional or mandatory fields for your Customers to respond to. It is most useful for caterers that are catering events or in a campus environment.

You can list when an Order should be ready in the kitchen (Kitchen Ready Time), when to clean up after an event finishes (Clean Up Time), and allow Customers to enter a name for this Event (Event Name). An Event Name will also show up in the Calendar Module so that you can identify Orders by the name, rather than the Order Number.

Set Up Event Fields

  1. Go to Setup > Features > Events.

  2. Check 'Enabled' near a respective row to see it in the Back Office, Online Ordering Site Checkout, or Both. If 'Enabled' is not checked, this field won't be visible when placing an Order.

    1. each box for 'Back Office' or 'Online Ordering' must be checked to view it in the respective checkout field.

  3. Click 'Required' to make the Customer fill out the field before completing checkout.

  4. In 'Business Type', choose to make this field available for Order Flow 1, 2, or Both.

  5. Rename any Event Field to best identify the event.

  6. When finished, click Save.

Events Page Example

Where to See Event Fields

Back Office

Go to the Order Module. In an Order Details Page, the Events Fields are shown at the bottom right page.

Online Ordering Site

At Checkout, the Events Fields are filled out here:

If the Event Fields are required, they automatically show up at checkout. If the fields are all optional, the Customer first needs to check the box, 'This is for an Event' to see and fill in the fields.

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