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Invoice Via Customer

Allow a Customer to pay for another Customer by default

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When to Use Invoice Via Customer

Not all Customers are set up to pay for their own Orders. They might be under a larger department that's saved in Spoonfed as a different Customer. This department might be in charge of paying for all the Orders placed by other Customers.

Invoicing Via another Customer is useful for Orders that Restaurants receive via EZCater, Corporate Catering, etc outside marketplace websites. These can be input as Invoice Via Orders. These orders are then marked as effectively paid outside the Spoonfed system, but recorded in Spoonfed for Production purposes.

For these instances, you need the option to default an invoice payment for a specific Customer to someone else.

Set Up Invoice Via

  1. Go to Setup > Features > Invoice Via Customer.

  2. Check the box Enable Invoice Via.

  3. Click Save.

Add 'Invoice Via' to a Customer

  1. Go to the Customer Module. Click View/Edit on a Customer.

  2. In the Details Tab, scroll down to find Invoicing.

  3. In the box labeled Invoice Via, enter the name of the Customer to take Invoices from the current Customer.

  4. Click Save Customer.

  5. All Invoices made for this Customer are now emailed to the Customer whose name was entered. They will be the ones responsible for the payment, rather than the Customer who placed the Order.

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