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Gratuity Setup

Add an automatic Gratuity for Customers to select when they order

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While Gratuity can still be added manually, setting this feature allows Customers and Users to more easily choose a common Gratuity amount and letting the system calculate for them.

  1. Go to Setup - Features - Gratuity.

  2. Check the Enable Gratuity box.

  3. Add up to two different Gratuity percentages that Customers can choose at checkout. You might make on 15% and the next 20%.

  4. Gratuity Name allows you to rename the Gratuity to something like Tip.

  5. Click Save.

Add Gratuity in an Order

Back Office

  1. Within an Order, click Item Selection.

  2. Under Charges, find the Gratuity box

  3. Enter the amount or select the pre-calculated percentage.

Online Ordering Site

In the Order Summary, Gratuity is entered in the respective row:

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