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Customer Analysis Fields
Customer Analysis Fields

Categorize Customers in the Back Office to better distinguish what type of Customer they are

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Customer Analysis fields are a way to track and analyze customer behavior. They allow you to note any extra information for each Customer that's not automatically collected by Spoonfed. These details show up in the Customer's profile in Back Office and help you categorize certain Customers.

For example, some Customers might prefer to have a separate Invoice for each Order whilst others want Multi-Order Invoices. You can set up a Drop Down Field with the options 'Single Order' or 'Multi Order'. You can then search by this preference in the Invoice module and in Reports.

Add a Customer Analysis Field

  1. Go to Setup > Features > Customer Analysis.

  2. Click Add Analysis Field.

  3. Add a name to describe how you are defining this Customer categorization. You can create three different types of Analysis Fields:

    1. Text Box

    2. Drop Down

    3. Date.

  4. Make the field required or optional to enter when creating a new Customer.

  5. Click Add Field.

Text Analysis Field

A Text Field enables you to enter any text into the box. It might be used to list known allergies or to keep note of a loyalty card number.

Drop Down Analysis Field

With a drop down, type a list of options a user can choose from to label the Customer. This might be a special Customer status, a yes or no answer, or what branch they belong to.

A Drop Down Field might look like this:

Date Analysis Field

For a Date fields, you might record the date each Customer started Ordering with you. On this date, you can message them or send a promo on the anniversary.

All added Analysis Fields show up in the main Customer Analysis Fields Page:

Find Customer Analysis Fields within a Customer Profile

Only Back Office Users can view Customer Analysis Fields. This means that Customers can't see them on their profile.

  1. Go to the Customer Module.

  2. Find the Customer to Edit.

  3. Click View/Edit.

  4. Scroll down to find the Analysis Fields section. Fill in the field to better categorize the Customer in other search and reporting methods.

  5. If you change or add any information, click Save Customer.

Use Analysis Fields to Filter Orders

Analysis Fields show up in certain search parameters to better filter and find Orders. Filter Orders by Analysis Fields in the:

  • Orders Module

  • Production Module

  • Invoice Module.

Report Setup

Analysis Fields appear as optional columns to add to the Production Export in Setup > Features > Report Setup. Read more about setting up a Production Report Here.

That's how to add and use Customer Analysis Fields!

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