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Add Allergen Info in an Email
Add Allergen Info in an Email

Let your Customers see what food is included in a menu and any allergy information they might want to know

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If you'd like to inform Customers of potential allergens within the food they order, Spoonfed offers a convenient way to make sure Customers remember what allergens are in their food.

  1. Go to Setup > Features > Web Page of Order Items.

  2. Check the box 'Include Allergen Link in Emails'.

  3. Click Save.

View the Allergen Link

After a Customer places an Order, they receive an Email Confirmation. That email will have a link at the bottom of the Order Summary that opens a page listing all Menu Selections and respective allergens.

The Customer can see a list of all the Menu Items included in their Order, along with any allergy info associated with an Item.

This allows a Customer to be confident in knowing what ingredients to watch for in an Order.

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