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Delivery and Pick-Up Notes Setup
Delivery and Pick-Up Notes Setup

Manage how you want customers to place an order and important information they can see online

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Spoonfed lets you easily manage whether or not catering is available for Delivery, Pick-Up, or both. With each choice, you can add notes for the Customer about how the process works.

Delivery and Pick-up notes can include important information that you want customers to know before proceeding with an order placement. The Customer sees the note on the page when they choose their date and time for Order Fulfillment.

  1. Go to Setup > Online Ordering > Delivery and Pick-Up.

  2. Choose whether or not you want to offer Delivery, Pick-Up, or Both in the first drop-down selection.

  3. In each respective textbox, write the information to include about the Delivery and Pick-Up process. This might be an allergy note, pick-up instructions, or a notice about how far in advance a person must order.

  4. Click Save.

Delivery and Pick-Up Notes on the Online Ordering Site

On the Online Ordering Site, the description shows up in the box where a customer chooses Delivery or Pick-Up to place an Order. This is before they start the Order and choose Menu Items.

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