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Add and Edit Credit Cards in Contacts
Add and Edit Credit Cards in Contacts

On the Back End, use the Contacts tab to store multiple credit cards and charge an order

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Below we will demonstrate how to add and edit a new or existing credit card within the back end of Spoonfed. This is specifically for back end users. The simple process will make processing credit card payments quick and easy, along with adding a level of distinction between multiple cards under one contact.

To learn more about Adding a Customer and Contact, Click Here.

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Navigating Payment Options

  1. Find the Customer Module.

  2. Select View/Edit on the Customer you need to view the credit card info for.

  3. Click the Contacts tab. Select View/Edit on the Contact.

  4. Payment Options will be on the right side of the page. Any existing credit card information will be listed here. You can see the last 4 digits and when the card was added to the system.

Delete Saved Card

To delete a saved credit card, select Remove on the right. Check OK on the box that pops up.

Card Nicknames

Nicknames help distinguish more than one saved card and help you make sure you take payment on the right card. To add a Nickname, select the โ€œAโ€ button to the right. Nicknames will also show up when choosing a card to take payment for in the Payments tab of an order.

Add New Payment Method

To add a new credit card, select Add New Payment Method.

Enter necessary credit card details and select Add a Card. The card will now show up under Payment Options and in the Payments Tab for current and future orders.

Payments Tab in an Order

In an Order placed by a Customer Contact, saved credit cards show up when selecting a payment method to Validate, Pre-Auth, or Take Final Payment.

To read how to take payment with Validate Credit Card, Click Here.

To read how to take payment with Pre-Auth Credit Card, Click Here.

The Contact with these saved cards must be saved with this order for the credit cards to appear. You can double check which Contact is associated with an order here:

To change the contact, select the box to see all options for Contacts saved under the selected Customer.

That is how you can view and edit stored Payment Methods for a Contact in Spoonfed!

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