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Cancel an Order in the Back Office
Cancel an Order in the Back Office

How to cancel an order you no longer need

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Note: A Cancelled Order cannot be undone. Only Cancel an Order if you're certain the Order needs to be Cancelled. If you cancel an Order unintentionally, repeating the Cancelled Order for the same date/time is the best method to restore it.

  1. Go to the Order Module.

  2. Find the Order you need to Cancel.

  3. Click the eye to View/Edit.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Order Details page.

  5. Find the Button that says 'Cancel Order'.

  6. On the subsequent pop up, choose whether or not to send an email confirming the Cancelation to the Customer.

  7. If you need to add a Cancellation Charge, add it in the box at the top. Check Add Tax to include a tax on the Cancellation Charge.

  8. Add more emails to send the Cancellation Confirmation Email to in the Additional Email Addresses box. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.

  9. Click Confirm Cancellation.

I Accidentally Cancelled My Order

A Cancelled Order cannot be uncanceled. If you Cancel an Order mistakenly, you must either repeat the Order for the same date + time OR create a New Order.

Amend Cancelation - Apply a Cancellation Fee

At the bottom of the page, you may find a Button called 'Amend Cancellation'. Amend Cancellation allows you to add a Cancellation Charge and request a fee from the Customer. It does not undo the Cancellation.


If you've integrated a Payment Gateway with Spoonfed, you can issue an Auto-Refund that returns any payments made to the customer's original credit card that was used.

Click here to learn more about Issuing a Refund to a Card Payment.

Customers can also Edit and Cancel Orders placed Online. Click Here to learn more.

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