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Event Deposits (Work-Around)
Event Deposits (Work-Around)

How to create and receive event deposits against event orders.

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Spoonfed was originally designed to help manage delivery and pick-up orders from your Catering operation. With recent changes, the system can also be used to help manage larger and more complex events.

Currently, Spoonfed does not have a specific, Event Deposit feature, but here are some basic steps to help you create one using current system tools!

1) Create an order with Customer name, guest count, food, labor, linens, flowers, etc. as you normally would. Save your order.

2) Check your order (view it as a BEO Report), to ensure completeness.

3) Place a 100% discount on your order, in the 'Order Details' tab. Save your order.

Note: At this stage you have an order, with $0.00 due from your Customer

4) Create a Service Charge, labeled "Event Deposit Fee" in the 'Item Selection' tab. Make the amount the fee you would like to collect from your Customer upfront. Ensure the Charge is "Tax Exempt" since this is just a deposit. Save your order.

Note: At this stage you have an order, with $xxx.xx event deposit fee balance due from your Customer

5) Charge the credit card on-file and confirm the order. This will send your Customer a confirmation email that payment for their deposit has been received.

To Move Forward with your Event:

6) Delete your "Event Deposit Fee".

7) Delete your 100% discount. Save and confirm the order (skip the automatic email confirmation to the Customer to avoid confusion).

Note: At this stage you have an order, with a deposit held against it. Proceed with editing / changing the order as you normally would.
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