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Repeat Recurring Orders
Repeat Recurring Orders

Set up an existing Order to automatically repeat on multiple future dates

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Sometimes a Customer needs the same Order fulfilled for multiple dates in a row. Rather than create a new Order for each date, you can Repeat an Order in the Back Office.

  1. Go to the Orders Module.

  2. Search for the Order by Order Number or a different search perimeter. If needed, double-check that all information in the Order is accurate.

  3. Click Repeat near the Order on the right.

One-Time Repeat

To Repeat an Order only once, select 'Once Only'. Choose the Date and Time the Repeat Order is set to be fulfilled. Click Confirm.

Recurring Orders

For Recurring Orders that Reoccur on a Weekly, Monthly, or Custom basis, select one of the following options.


For Orders that Repeat Weekly, select Weekly, then choose which day the Orders will repeat on.

Run Period indicates the date range when the Recurring Orders begin and end. By default, the time remains the same as in the original Order.


For Monthly Recurring Orders, choose the day that Orders repeat.

Run Period still indicates the start and end dates of the Recurring Orders. By default, the time remains the same as in the original Order.


Select 'Every Set Amount of Days' to customize Recurring Orders. You can make an order every other day, every ten days, etc. By default, the time remains the same as in the original Order.

Confirm Orders

  1. Click Confirm to continue.

  2. The next box shows every Order date and time set to repeat within the given date range. By default, the time is the same as the Original Order. Manually change many times as needed by clicking the time box near the order date.

  3. Deselect a checked date to keep the Order Unconfirmed. It won't show up on any Production or Delivery Reports. To Confirm those Orders, go to the Drafts Orders Tab and Confirm each one manually.

  4. Click 'Mark Orders as Confirmed' to automatically Confirm the Recurring Orders.

  5. When every detail is finalized, click Generate Orders.

  6. Watch the progress of the Orders. Once processed, you will see how many new Repeat Orders were created.

  7. Click Close when finished.

Recurring Orders

Click Recurring to find all Recurring Orders on one page.

Additional Info

The box, ‘Order will be repeated in the future’, indicates that the final recurring Order will show up in the Recurring Orders Tab within the Order module. It serves as a reminder in case you want to set up more Recurring Orders beyond the original End Date.

It's mandatory to set an End Date. The catering team can review Recurring Orders near the End Date to determine if they need to continue repeating. It keeps old orders from repeating indefinitely and being incorrectly fulfilled.

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