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Menu Categories

Learn how make finding the right Menu easier for Customers

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Menu Categories allow you to group sets of like Menus together. This is ideal for grouping Menus like 'Breakfast,' 'Sandwiches,' or 'Desserts'. Menu Categories can also include Labor Charges or Extra Services a Customer might want.

Menu Categories look like this on the Online Ordering Site:

Add Menu Categories

Go to Setup > Organization > Menu Categories.

All Menu Categories added to the system show up here. Click View/Edit to edit a current Menu Category.

Delete Menu Category

Click Delete to delete a Menu Category. If you delete a menu Category, all Menus that were assigned to this Category won't have any Category association. You'll need to go through those Menus and re-add them to a Category so that they show up on the Online Ordering Site.

Once a Menu Category is deleted, it can't be reversed.

Add New Menu Category

  1. Click Add Menu Category.

  2. Add the Name and a picture.

  3. Click the Add Menu Category button.

Menu Category Picture

Don't forget to add a picture! Pictures should represent what is included in that Category and look clean and professional. If you don't add a picture to the Menu Category, it will show up like this on the Online Ordering Site like this:

To delete a picture check 'Remove Existing Picture'. Then click Save Menu Category.

Be sure to double check how the Menu Categories present on the Online Ordering Site.

That's how to add and edit the Menu Categories!

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