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Why can't I see the Setup module?
Why can't I see the Setup module?

When you are unable to make changes to the account settings

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When your User account for logging in to the Back Office system is created, the administrator of your account sets the permissions for each user.

The admin, oftentimes a manager or catering director at the company, can allow different permissions so that certain users can only view and edit certain aspects of the Spoonfed system.

This is to prevent important system changes from being made without a manager's knowledge or approval.

Generally, the Setup Module is the most restricted permission, as it contains all the important settings that make the system function best.

If you don't have Setup access, reach out to your manager or catering director. If you require something to be changed in the settings for your business account, ask the account administrator to make the changes.

If you have Setup access, be sure to first acquaint yourself with the system settings to make sure no major changes are made.

If you are not sure who your business account administrator is, reach out to a Spoonfed Support Specialist to guide you in the right direction.

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