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'Order Processing' Report

See the proportion of orders that have been processed by each member of staff

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The Order Processing report generates pie charts showing the percentage of orders that each member of staff has processed over two selected periods of time, shown by number of orders and by order value.

Why Is It Useful?

This Report is useful to track the amount of Orders created in the Back Office v the Online Ordering Site. You might want to know how many Customers are using the Online Ordering Site, and how to increase traffic to the site.

Make the Report

To generate the Report, go to the Reports Module. Select Order Processing.

  1. A User can view data for Sites that they have User access to. If you want to see a specific Site or Location, select which one, or else select 'All'.

  2. Select the first Date Range by which to view the Order Processing data. Then, choose the second Date Range by which to compare the data to. If you don't want to compare data, the second Date Range can be a few days, then ignored after the Report is made.

  3. Click Generate Report.

Four pie charts will generate below. The first two charts compare the Date Ranges, organizing data by Number of Orders. The second two charts compare the Date Ranges by Net Sales Order Value.

Date Range 1 will appear over Date Range 2.

That is how to create an Order Processing Report!

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