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Order Intervals, Delivery Windows, and Order Limits
Order Intervals, Delivery Windows, and Order Limits

Customize when orders are placed by setting a max of orders that customers can make in an order interval and delivery window time ranges

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What are Order Intervals?

Order Intervals are essential to set up as they allow you to choose the times for which Orders are Picked-Up or Delivered. You might want a 15 minute, 30 minute, or even hour long Interval for Orders to be fulfilled.

Order Intervals show up here on the Online Ordering Page. These Order Times are set in 15 minute Intervals.

What are Order Limits?

Order Limits set a maximum number of Orders that can be placed within each limit daily. They're set to keep catering staff from becoming overwhelmed and can be useful if you're short-staffed.

Set Up Order Intervals and Order Limits

  1. Go to Setup > Features > Order Intervals and Order Limits.

Add Order Intervals and Delivery Windows

Select an Order Interval under the Order Interval Header. This will show intervals for when a Customer can place an Order.

  1. A 30 minute Order Interval shows times to receive an Order as 12:00, 12:30, 1:00, 1:30, etc.

Delivery Windows

Under Delivery Window, check the box to provide an interval time range. This will change the exact times for an order as ranges, such as 12:00-12:30, 12:30-1:00, 1:00-1:30, etc. If you select a Delivery Window, choose whether or not it's available for Pick-Up, Delivery, or Both.

A Delivery Window on the Online Ordering Site looks like this:

Add Order Limits

  1. To add a new Order Limit, click Add at the top.

  2. Choose which Site to apply the Limit to if you have Multiple Sites set up.

  3. Type the Maximum Number of Orders that can be placed within the Order Interval.

  4. If you'd like the Maximum Number of Delivery Orders to be different than the default, enter that in Max Deliveries. Leave blank if there's no difference.

  5. When finished, click Save.

  6. An Order Limit might look like below. It means that for the Aspen location, no more than 10 Orders can be placed within a given Order Interval. The Max Deliveries indicate that for those 10 Orders, no more than 3 can be placed for Delivery. If a Customer tries to place a 4th Delivery Order at 1 pm on Tuesday, they won't see the option.

Order Limits appear under the Order Limits Per Interval Header. To edit a limit, click Edit. To delete a limit, click Delete.

Back Office Order Limits

Even if Order Limits are enabled for the Online Ordering Site, what Customers order from, you can still add an unlimited number of Orders in the Back Office.

If the Limit is reached when trying to add a Back Office Order, you'll get a pop-up indicating that the limit has already been met. This way, you can determine whether or not you want to continue with the order.

That's how to add Order Limits and Intervals!

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