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Add a Custom Domain for Sending Emails
Add a Custom Domain for Sending Emails

Set up your domain so you can send emails from your own business email address

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By default, all Spoonfed-generated emails are sent from the Default Spoonfed Email Domain: β€˜’.

During setup, you may choose to use your own Email Domain from which to send Confirmation Emails and Order updates.

Advantages of Setting Up a Custom Email Domain

There are a few advantages to setting up your own domain to send and receive emails from Spoonfed:

  1. Should an email fail to send to a Customer, you'll receive a notification to the Email Domain you've set up. This does not happen if you use the Default Spoonfed Email Domain.

  2. If a Customer replies to an email they received, it is sent to your own email address, rather than the Default Spoonfed Email Domain.

Add a Custom Email Domain

Note: Spoonfed can't access a Custom Email Domain and must verify that the Domain is authentic. We do this by using DNS Records. You might need to reach out to your company's IT Department or Web Developer to access the DNS Records and continue.

Once you have the DNS Records, reach out to a Spoonfed Customer Success Partner to help you connect your Email to Spoonfed.

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