In the Back Office, click on the 'Order' module from the main navigation bar and click 'Add Order', which shows under Dashboard in the sub tabs

This short guide covers some of the main points to take in to account when recording the details for the Order:


Begin typing in the first few letters of the Customer (Organization) name and then click on the Customer name when it appears below. If you haven't yet added the Customer, use the + button to enter the details.


Within each Customer you may have multiple people who are responsible for placing their Orders with you. Each of these should be set up as Contacts. For each Order, you should select the Contact who was responsible for placing the Order. The email address you set up for that Contact will be the email which receives your Order Confirmation Email. You can add a Contact using the '+' button

Payment Method - On Account

You can use this method if the Customer has this ability enabled. If you'd like to enable this option for this particular Customer, here's how:

Customer module > View/Edit (right of Customer Name) > Tick 'Payment by Account' > Save

By selecting this option, your Customer will be able to pay by Invoice


All the details entered on the right hand side of the Order Details page will show on your Delivery sheets.

The Delivery Contact, Delivery Phone, Delivery Mobile and Delivery Email fields should only be used if the Contact who is responsible for the Order on the day is different to the one who initially placed the Order.

Use the Delivery Notes to record particular instructions for your Drivers, such as 'report to reception on arrival' or 'leave food outside the room'.


Select the Menu your Customer wishes to order from and make the Item choices for the Order. There will be an example Menu available automatically after you have created your free trial account.

If there are any specific requests from your Customer, perhaps that they would like two gluten free sandwich options with their Vegetarian choices, remember to use the Note link as indicated above to type out these preferences, which will show on your Kitchen Production sheets.

Customer Note / Internal Note

Customer Note shows on Email Confirmations to the Customer

Internal Note is for caterer use only and at no point is this seen by the Customer. Use this for specific internal instructions, such as 'Double check before delivery, very important order'.

NB: After adding a Customer Note and/or a Note, remember to click 'Save'

Confirm Order
For 'On Account' Orders, simply click 'Confirm Order' and choose whether to send the Confirmation Email, or skip

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