Delivery / Pick-Up

The first page the Customer will see is the main landing page where they select the Delivery or Pick-Up type. If the Order is for Delivery, they must enter their Post / ZIP Code or select the location from the drop down list (depending on how your Delivery Zones have been set up.

The Post / ZIP code the Customer enters determines what Delivery Charge applies to their Order.

Adding Menu Choices

After the Customer proceeds to the main Menus page, they can browse Menu Categories, select Menus and specify Item quantities.

If you have allocated a Menu to a specific Customer, the Menu can be seen only by that particular Customer in a specific Menu Category called 'My Menus'.

Once the Customer has made the required choices, they proceed by clicking 'Place your Order' on the right hand side.

If the Customer is looking to use a Voucher Code they will need to log in first. They can then enter this in the Voucher Code field under 'Your Order' on the right of the page.

Logging In

The Customer will then be required to log in using their Contact email address and password.

If the Customer has not yet set a password, they should use the 'create a password' link at the bottom of the page.

If the Customer does not yet have a Spoonfed account, they should select the 'No' option above the email address and password fields, as they are not already registered.

Additional Requirements

Any specific requests for their Order should be made in the Order Notes field.

Also, any Custom Order Fields which have been set up to show online will appear on this page. For more information on Custom Order Fields click here

Payment Method

After the Customer specifies the Delivery and Billing Addresses, they select whether the Order is ready to be paid by Card (PayPal/Sage Pay Authorize.Net) or On Account.

If you are using Authorize.Net, the Customer will enter the Card Details or select a pre-saved Card and Confirm the Order.

If you are integrated with PayPal or Sage Pay, the Customer Confirms the Order and proceeds to the payment gateway to make payment.

Online Orders in the Back Office

Once the Customer confirms the Order, the Order automatically shows in the 'Order' module in the Back Office with Production, Delivery and Invoice outputs ready to be used.

If the Order does not show in the main Orders list in the Order module, check the 'Abandoned' category. Orders which have been confirmed and the Card payment has been skipped, or the payment has failed, go in to Abandoned. These do not show in the Production, Delivery and Invoice modules until the Order is 'Moved to Live Orders'.

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