The following video is an overview of the online ordering experience that will help your customers make their first order

Delivery / Pick-Up

The first page you will see is the main landing page, where you will be asked to select the Delivery or Pick-Up type for your Order.
If the Order is for Delivery, you may have to enter your Post / ZIP Code or select the location from the drop down list (depending on how the catering service operates).

If the caterer requests a Postcode / ZIP, the Postcode / ZIP you enter will determine what Delivery Charge (if any) applies to their Order.

If the caterer operates from a single site, that site name will be shown within the Delivery box in bold, as opposed to giving you to option to specify a location.

Adding Menu Choices

After specifying your Delivery Date, Time and location (if applicable) you will proceed to the main Menus page where you can navigate between the Categories down the left hand side of the page, and click in to one of the Menus within that Category.

Once you have made your required choices, you can proceed by clicking 'Place your Order' on the right hand side.

Logging In

You will then be required to log in using your email address and password.

If you have not yet set a password but do have an account with Spoonfed, you should use the 'create a password' link at the bottom of the page.

If you do not yet have a Spoonfed account, you should select the 'No' option beside 'Already Registered' and enter your details to create your own login. More on that here.

Additional Requirements

Any specific requests for your Order should be made in the Order Notes field.

Also, any Custom Order Fields which have been set up to show online will appear on this page. The caterer may also request additional information such as the Building Name, Clear Up Time, Event Name, etc.

Delivery Details

On the following page, you will be asked to provide additional information for Delivery.

If the catering is being provided externally, you will be asked to provide your Delivery Address.

If the catering is being provided internally, you will only be asked to provide information such as Floor/Room details, Cost Centre (PO Number), Delivery Instructions and more.

Note: If you have added your own details such as telephone, cell phone within your own account, you won't need to enter these details again on this page.

You can however use these fields to enter details for a colleague if you will not be there for delivery on the day, for example.

Billing Address

You may also be asked to provide a Billing Address. If this appears for you, please enter the Billing Address before proceeding to the next page.

If the caterer does not require a Billing Address, you will automatically skip this step and go straight to the Payment Method stage.

Payment Method

You will then be asked whether the Order is ready to be paid by Card (PayPal, Sage Pay or Authorize.Net) or On Account (House account).

If the caterer provides a card payment integration with Authorize.Net, you can enter your Card Details for a one-off payment, save your card for future use or select a pre-saved Card, and Confirm the Order.

If your caterer provides an integration with PayPal or Sage Pay, you will first confirm the Order and proceeds to the payment gateway to make payment.

If paying On Account (House account / PO) then you all you have to do proceed to the checkout page and 'Confirm' the Order.

Online Orders in the Back Office

Once you confirm your Order, the Order automatically shows in the caterer's Back Office system within various modules, so they can begin preparation.

You will also receive a confirmation email for your Order, once the Order has been confirmed.

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