It’s great to be in control.

With the recent Spoonfed update, you have the ability to specify the days, dates and time ranges that each of your Menus are available to Customers. If you have more than one kitchen or store, you can now create Site-specific Menus. 

What does this update mean for you?

Breakfast Menu only between 6am and 9am? Seasonal Menu only available in December? Easy. Add ‘daily special’ Menu Items, without having to prepare everything, every day. Add kitchens or stores with limited ranges to Spoonfed, without Production worries.

All Menus, whether old or new, will have the new ‘availability’ features but no existing Menus have been harmed in the making of this update!

See: Menu > View/Edit (for any Menu) > Menu Availability

We hope you like it!

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