We'd like to introduce two new features Invoice Voiding and an improvement to the Cut Off Times function.

Invoice Voiding

Previously, if you needed to change an Invoice after it had been created, you would need to create a Credit Note for the full Order amount and create a new Order as the existing Order was locked.

Now, you can 'Void' an Invoice, which unlocks the Order, allowing you to make the required changes. You can then create a new Invoice without the need to add a brand new Order from scratch.

To Void an Invoice, click on the 'Invoice' module in the Back Office, go to the 'Invoices' sub tab, click 'Edit' next to the Invoice and click on the 'Void' button on the bottom left of the page.

Cut Off Times

Following feedback, you can now set different Cut Off Times for each day of the week. 

Also, if you are closed over the weekend, you can now apply a Cut Off Time on a Friday for Monday Orders.

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