If you can Invoice quickly, accurately and provide your Customer with all the information that they need, then you have a much better chance of being paid on time.

 Setup option - see Setup >  Organization > Invoicing.

The Required Information section is to ensure that your invoice is legally compliant in your country with the legal name and address for your business.  This may differ from the trading address and contact information, which can be entered in the Business Information section.

Spoonfed offers the ability to create an invoice containing more than one Order. We call the a Multi-order Invoice. We recognise that not all of Spoonfed users wish to offer this so we make it Setup option

The Nominal Code is the accounting code to which any Invoice Export postings will be directed. It might be something like account '200' if you use Xero Accounting Software for example.

We have a number of formatted Accounts System exports - if your system is not one of them then please use the Generic export.

In some countries Bank (BACS) Details are often printed on an Invoice. Please ignore this section if you don't want to do this.

Use the Terms Box and dropdown to set your standard 'credit' or 'house' account terms. These terms (and a 'Due Date' if you've used that function) will be printed on your 'Account' Invoices.

You can also set one other set of Terms for Orders with Payment Method Other - see here for further info.

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