A la Carte Menus are about giving the Customer more freedom of choice on what they want and would usually - but not always - be used for Drinks, Salad and Breakfast Menus, for example.

As you can see above, we have set up an A la Carte Menu for Croissants, Pastries and Muffins.

This type of Menu is useful if you envisage your Menu as an individual list of Items with individual pricing, as opposed to the overall set pricing of a working lunch package, for example.

Remember to give full information for each Item if possible.

Ticking the Hot, Veg, Vegan, Gluten Free and Dairy Free boxes will allow the Customer to know on the Online Ordering site.

By accessing the pencil icon you can add Item Descriptions, Production Notes (which show on your Kitchen sheets), add Images and note allergens.

We strongly recommend entering and adding as much information as possible, as it provides a more attractive platform for Customers whilst providing both Customers and staff Users with more information.

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