Fixed Price Menus are advisable if you give choices of different Items (i.e. choice of filling on a sandwich) and have multiple different components to the Menu, like sandwiches, salad, a piece of fruit and a dessert.

After entering the Menu details and clicking 'Add Menu' you can begin setting the structure of the Menu.

If you offer choices of different Items within one Menu, for example a choice of Sandwich fillings, you should set up multiple Items in one Section.

As you can see in the above example, the Customer gets to choose between the Chef's Selection of Standard Filled Sandwiches or Vegetarian Filled Sandwiches. Each person receives One Portion (No of Portions per person) and one Portion of sandwiches equates to 1.5 rounds of sandwiches (Items per Portion).

The Items per Portion field allows you to control the size of a Portion of an Item. So if you have a Fixed Price Finger Buffet Menu, a Customer may get varying quantities of Items as certain Items may be bigger than others.

Using the No. of Portions per Person and Items per Portion fields allows you to achieve accurate quantification of your Item requirements on your Production and Delivery sheets.

You may also wish to include certain Items in a particular Section where the cost of production is that bit higher than the rest of the Items in the Section. If that is the case, you can use the Supplement field to add a small additional charge for Ordering that Item.

If you have a large number of Item choices - perhaps you have 12 sandwich filling choices within a Section - you might want to avoid a situation where the person placing the Order makes 12 different choices of fillings. You can restrict the number of different selections the Customer can make with 'Restrict No. of Item Selections per Section.'

Remember to assign each Item as Hot, Veg, Vegan, Gluten Free and Dairy Free when applicable, and open up the pencil icon next to the Item Name to mark which allergens are in each Item.

We also recommend entering Item Descriptions and adding Item Images to boost the appearance of your Online Ordering site.

Don't forget to click 'Save Section' before moving on to a new Section.

If you'd like to do a bit of upselling in your Fixed Price Menu, you can create an Extras Section by ticking the appropriate box, which essentially allows A La Carte style choices. For example, why not create an Extras Section at the bottom of your Menu to sell some Drinks?

We realise that getting your Menu Setup right is important to you, so if you'd like to ask for advice with a member of our team simply drop us a message via the Help icon and we'll be pleased to assist.

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