Within a Menu, Spoonfed offers the ability to take standard Items and add any number of different Modifier Types - each with different Options.

Modifiers are automatically enabled as part of all Spoonfed packages and are accessed through Adding/Editing individual Items in the Sections TAB of a Menu - in the Menu Module.

You have the option of permitting access to the use Modifiers to Customers who are processing Online Orders or, if you prefer, preventing them from Modifying Items. By default this access option is set to 'off'. To enable it - just check the Modifier Box in Setup>Online Ordering>Options.

So, what exactly are Modifiers? Best to illustrate with an example...

You may offer a 'Green Salad', which could have the following Modifier Types:

  • Protein
  • Extras
  • Dressing

The Protein Modifier may have Salmon, Beef and Chicken as Options. In this case it would be normal to choose only one Modifier from the three but 'no protein' would also be an Option.  Each Option may be priced separately.

So, the Customer could choose a maximum of 1 Option from 3.

In the case of Extras above, any number of Options could be selected. For example you may provide additions like Avocado, Red Onion, Beetroot etc. The Customer may select none, one, two, three and up to the number of available Options.

Modifiers provide flexibility in Spoonfed to allow your Customers to order exactly what they want, always remembering that the more options you offer, the bigger the task in the kitchen!

If you offer individual lunches, then Modifiers are a great way to allow personalisation and up-selling. 

Other examples of Modifiers Types could relate to 'Size of Item' (e.g. Small, Mid, Large) or food 'Presentation' - (eg Standard, Premium).

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