1. Appealing Menu Name

Think outside the box! Yes, Finger Buffet A and B are conventional but try to think of names which make them sound that bit more appetizing.

2. Menu Image & Description

Your Customers will also be drawn in an attractive image of some of the food included in your Menu. A mouthwatering description of what is included always helps too.

A Menu Image and Description also help give your site some colour and add some intrigue.

3. Menu Availability

Use the Menu Availability feature to set when your special Menus can be ordered. The last thing you want to happen is one of your Customers placing an Order for one of your Christmas Menus outside its availability window!

You can also select whether each menu will be available to guests ordering as part of a Group Order. You may want to hide certain menus that won't be relevant for people ordering in a Group Order.

4. Allocate Menus

If you'd like to dedicate a special Menu for one Customer that only they can see when they login, and only they can Order from, simply create a Menu, type the Customer Name into the 'Allocate Menu' field, select the Name and Save.

If you have an existing Menu which you would like to make small amendments to and then allocate to a Customer, remember you can use the 'Duplicate' button on the main Menu module page.

5. Item Images & Descriptions

Just as you want to add colour to your Menu listings, it's also advisable to add Images and Descriptions for each of your Items

When your Customer orders BLT sandwiches for 20, you don't just want them to know that's what they have ordered, you want to really look forward to it!

6. Production Notes

Production Notes appear on your Production sheets and these are useful when you need to give instructions on how to produce a certain Item to your kitchen, particularly when a new Menu is introduced.

7. Allergens

It's important to look out for those with dietary requirements and for that reason, it's definitely worth noting which allergens are included in each Item. Customers love caterers who go the extra mile!

8. Extras Sections

In a Fixed Price Menu you can offer add-ons such as drinks and desserts. This is a great opportunity to upsell and makes adding it easier for Customers to add popular Items.

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