You can choose order intervals and limit the number of orders that Spoonfed will accept within them. These limits ensure that you are able to meet the needs of your customers during production and when delivering orders.

In Setup > Features > Order Intervals you will be able to select the order intervals that that all orders will fall within. Orders made online and in the back office will be created according to these time windows.

On the same page of Setup, you can then add order limits per interval, choosing a maximum order limit and/or a maximum delivery order limit (still allowing pickup orders). These can apply to all sites or a single one (if you use Spoonfed at multiple locations).

Order limits per interval can be edited and deleted, and you can add more if you have different sites with different capacities. Settings for individual sites will take precedence over the 'Default' settings.

Adding orders to the back office will always be possible when the maximum number of orders for a time interval has been reached, but you will be warned with a popup when adding the order.

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