By default all Spoonfed generated emails will be sent from our own email address, ‘’.

There are however, a couple of advantages of setting up your own domain to send and receive emails from Spoonfed instead.

The first of those is that, if you set up your own domain, in the unusual circumstance in which an email to a Customer bounces, you will receive a notification that this has happened. If you don't set up your own domain, you won't receive this notification.

The second is that if your Customer replies to the email after you have set up your domain, you will receive their email. If your domain is not set up, their reply is instead sent to and you may not receive their reply.

Thus for those two reasons, it is advantageous to set up your own domain.

Adding your Domain

As we have no access to your domain, we need you to create certain records - called DNS records - which will verify that the emails, generated by the Spoonfed system, are coming legitimately from your own domain.

Adding these DNS records is a very quick (about 2 minutes), and easy process to someone with access to your account with your Domain Registrar. This is likely to be your IT department or perhaps your website developer, hosting company or email provider.

If you would like to set up your own domain for sending emails, please send a message to us using the Help button on the bottom right of the page, or email us

We will then be able to provide you with the DNS records to add to your domain and guide you through the process.

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