Integrating your Sage Pay and Spoonfed accounts

If you do not have a Sage Pay account, click here to set one up

To set up Sage Pay on your Spoonfed Account, follow these steps.

1. Add the following IP Address and Subnet Mask details to your My Sage Pay account in Account > Settings > Valid IPs

    IP Address                     Subnet Mask Azure 1 Azure 2 Azure 3 Azure 4

2. Now we need to place some test Orders first before entering the live details on your account. Retrieve the Vendor Name and Form Integration Encryption Password from your test My Sage Pay account.

3. Provide the Vendor Name and Form Integration Encryption Password to your Spoonfed contact.

4. We will then place a couple of test Orders on the Spoonfed platform site to ensure Orders are being processed. We will use these card details when processing test Orders. Please note this is done on a test site and cannot be done on your own Spoonfed account.

5. We will then refund both Orders on the Back Office by cancelling the Order and issuing an ‘Auto Refund

6. If these steps are successful, you will need to be set up with a 'Live' Sage Pay account. Please make the request to your Sage Pay contact.

7. Once your Sage Pay account is ‘Live’ you will need to add the Valid IP Address details above to your new My Sage Pay account (live account this time).

8. Then all you need to do is retrieve the live Vendor Name and Integration Password from My Sage Pay and enter these in the Back Office (Setup > Payment > Sage Pay).

9. Once again, test card transactions via the Online Ordering site, to make sure the integration has been successful. Remember that these payments are now live payments with real card details.*

Don’t forget to issue an ‘Auto Refund’ by clicking ‘Cancel Order’ in the Back Office.

  • When testing ‘Live’ card payments, remember that the Billing Address will need to match the Billing Address associated with the Credit/Debit Card you are using to place the Order.

If you wish to use pre-authorization for deferred payments, click here to learn more.

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