Spoonfed makes it easy to print off production sheets showing all the item information for a selected period of time. Production reports include orders for pick-up as well as for delivery.

By default the Production module displays items By order. Click the drop down box in Display View to change this to By item. If you use Customer Analysis Fields or Customer Order Fields, you can filter by this information.

Setting the fields

To run order production reports, you need to select the range of orders that you want to export. This can be filled in by date - Deliver Date From and To - or by choosing a range of Order numbers.

You can make this more precise using the Requested Time fields, limiting the export to morning orders, for example, or applying filters based on custom.

The range of the export can be made narrower by filling in the other fields before clicking Search.

Production Search

Clicking search will show the relevant orders at the bottom of the page, listed by delivery time. This information can then be exported as the following PDFs:

  • Item Summary - Lists the item types and quantities needed, as well as the description and any notes.
  • Item Detail - Shows the total number of items required from each menu, aggregating items that are going to different customers. This report shows modifiers and order notes if applicable.
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